CSACI Studentship Evaluation Process

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Applications will be screened by CSACI Head Office for completeness and eligibility. Complete, eligible applications will then be subject to peer review by a committee appointed by CSACI, which will rank and recommend applicants for a final decision by the CSACI Board. The awards are to be distributed throughout Canada and there should not be more than 2 awards in any University.

Evaluation Criteria:

The quality of the trainee, the research project and the training environment will be considered by the Committee that will adjudicate the Award. More specifically, points considered in the assessment of an application are as follows:

  • Quality and clarity of the proposed research project and the potential to increase research capacity in the area of Clinical Immunology and Allergy research;
  • Appropriateness of the proposed research or training project to further the applicant’s research career;
  • Academic and other achievements of the applicant including transcripts, publications and contributions to published work, presentations at local and national meetings, and past experiences;
  • Supervisor qualifications as a mentor and strength of training environment including publications, grant support, number of trainees supervised etc.; and
  • Sponsor assessments and strength of references.



The successful applicant will be expected to present the results of the work undertaken under this award at a future CSACI annual scientific meeting.

Awardees must acknowledge the assistance given by CSACI in any publication or presentation that is the result of work done under this award.



This Award may be terminated at any time with 30 days written notice for good and sufficient reason by the Awardee, the host University or CSACI. If terminated, all unspent funds as at the termination date must be returned immediately to CSACI.



A completed application form must be accompanied by the following attachments:

  • Research Proposal
  • Applicant’s CV, including any applicable publications (e.g., abstracts, posters)
  • Supervisor’s CV (short version)
  • Official transcripts of all years of undergraduate study (including GPA) – to be sent via email
  • Letter of support from Supervisor, which includes confirmation of matching funding, if obtained
  • One additional professional/academic based reference letter (in addition to supervisor’s letter)



The maximum length of the project proposal is one page (350 words) and must include the following:

  • Introduction to proposed research project and focus
  • Hypothesis
  • Project objectives (maximum two)
  • Selected research methodology and its appropriateness
  • Anticipated research outcomes clearly defining what will be achieved through the research award.



For questions regarding the completion of the application and the peer review process, please contact Louise Tremblay at the CSACI Head Office at (613) 986-5869 or by email at info@csaci.ca