The Allergist Episode 4: Marvels and Misconceptions of the Immune System

“I just would like to take this moment to be a bit smug about how the immune system is really the issue in many, many disorders, although it is not acknowledged as such. It’s really all about the immune system.” – Dr. Rae Brager

Join Dr. Mariam Hanna as she delves into the intricate world of immunodeficiency with pediatric immunologist and allergist, Dr. Rae Brager. In a conversation that illuminates the often-overlooked complexities of the immune system, they shed light on the multifaceted nature of immunodeficiencies, from battling infections to immune dysregulation.

On this episode:

  • Decoding the spectrum of immunodeficiency: More than just an inability to fight infections.
  • The conundrum of diagnosing immunodeficiency in children as many common childhood illnesses are not indicative of a deficiency.
  • The critical role of context and clinical acumen in the evaluation of immunodeficiencies.
  • Celebrating the leaps in immunology: Newborn screening, gene therapy, and the revolutionary CAR T-cell therapy.
  • Busting myths around cord blood banking: Understanding the real need and advocating for cord blood donation.
  • Three pivotal takeaways: The complexity and mystery of the immune system, the rarity of true immunodeficiency in common concerns, and the adaptive prowess of our bodily defenses.

Prepare to be enlightened on the marvels and misconceptions of the immune system. Tune in for a masterclass on immunodeficiency with Dr. Hanna and Dr. Brager. Listen now for a dose of wisdom on the body’s misunderstood protector!

Posted on November 7, 2023.