The Allergist Episode 2: Home Management of Anaphylaxis: New Understanding and Evolving Perspectives

If you’re ever thinking, should I use epinephrine or should I not? The answer is always yes, you should use it. It’s always safe and it may be life saving.” – Dr. Elissa Abrams

Venture into the heart of anaphylaxis matters as Dr. Mariam Hanna welcomes Dr. Elissa Abrams, a recognized expert on severe allergic reactions. They dispel doubts, dismantle misconceptions, and offer an in-depth understanding of anaphylaxis and its evolving treatments.

In this episode:

• Clarifying the real dangers of anaphylaxis.

• Epinephrine: The undeniable champion in allergic emergencies.

• The truth about antihistamines and steroids. Do they really help?

• Questioning old reliables: Is Benadryl really our best bet?

• Biphasic reactions: Getting the facts straight.

• Anaphylaxis management: When is home anaphylaxis management an option?

Arm yourself with knowledge and prioritize safety when it comes to anaphylaxis. Don’t miss these expert revelations. Listen now!

Posted on October 10, 2023.